About our company

We are the company located at near KappaBashi Street, where you can find all kinds of products related to kitchen, restaurant and between.
You can find more information about KappaBashi here: http://content.time.com/time/travel/cityguide/arti...

Our goal is to provide the latest trend and best of the best Japanese kitchenware.

There are over millions brands in KappaBashi Street and we hand pick high quality, most of the items will be not only it is Made In Japan, but it also from very special place.

For example, Tsubame Niigata is famous with metalworking and a lot of high quality and traditional japanese kitchenware. A lot of products are still made by hand using traditional style. Those products are priced at very high but because of it's quality and simplicity but polished design it can be passed on to next generation and can be used for multi generation.

Hope you can find your "One of The Life Kitchenware" in our site.