SAKURAI - SAYA spoon -Jet Black

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SAKURAI - SAYA spoon -Jet Black

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【About clothing HSV finish】

HSV special cloth transfer is difficult to peel off the cloth by special processing, you can easily rinse the dirt and stains of the food without leaving anything.

Safety and harmlessness of coloring ingredients is proved in the Food Sanitation Law Exam.

Please wash with soft sponge and mild detergent after use. When washing is done, please wipe it off with a soft cloth so that it does not leave moisture clean.

Metalwork scrub, cleanser, bleach, dishwasher not available.

Product specification size: Length 133 mm

Material: Stainless steel (oxidation coloring)

Specification: HSV special cloth color development

Design: Ichiro Tsuruta

Producer: Sakurai Co., Ltd.

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