Todai - Ice Cream Spoon

Todai - Ice Cream Spoon

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"Even if ice is hard, it is easy to scoop"

For people who love ice cream, it is a spoon for ice cream.

Many of the conventional cutlery are made using stainless steel,

This ice spoon is made using aluminum with good heat conduction.

The heat of the hand holding the spoon is transmitted and scoops while melting the ice.

Now you can eat freshly served ice from the freezer without waiting.

This spoon made of aluminum with high thermal conductivity will quickly transmit the body temperature of the gripped hand to the spoon.

As Ice is softly melting and sticking from the surroundings of the spoon you got, a new feeling that will become fun even if you see it.

The color of the spoon is 6 colors in all.
Anodized aluminum surface, smoky metallic with good coloringIt colorizes the table gorgeously with coloring.
With a calculated elegant curve and plentiful color, it is a photogenic spoon that you want to take in a photo along with desserts.
You can unify it with your favorite color, or you can divide the color for each person you use and make it a spoon. Do you know that various metal products are made in Tsubame-shi, Niigata prefecture, and it accounts for the major part of domestic production as the main production area of metal western tableware?
Sweet products with a long and long history of swallow are frequently used in Japan as well as in the world.
One of the reasons is the high quality of domestic products that we have cultivated over a long history.

At the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have established the "Made in Swallow" certification committee to verify the origin of origin and quality safety of products and certify them.
In other words, "Maid in Tsubame" is a landmark to prove that it was made in traditional Tsubame area.

It is a mark that promises to customers that safe and high quality are products that Tsubame factory is manufactured with a lot of thought about customers.