Syouryu - "Suzugami" Tin Papaer Dish

Syouryu - "Suzugami" Tin Papaer Dish

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11 x 11

can be used as a dish, as well as a dish for handwashing and savoring condiments.

13 × 13 is a size that can be used as a dish, or a Japanese confectionary shop just to put a small dish, and various ways other than a table scene can be done.
18 × 18 is the size that can be used with appetizers, snacks, sweets etc., alcohol and coffee etc.
24 x 24 is the size that can be used for a large number of bowls, serving salad and serving soba noodles. In addition, you can make various uses, such as placing green plants and launching green greatly.

Material:Tin (rolling)

"Suzugami" repeats the rolling many times unlike ordinary tin plate, and further "hammered with a hammer" makes it possible to fold and bend easily like an origami, with less deterioration due to bending elongation It is an item.The tin plate rhythmically hit by skilled craftsmen overlaps multiple layers of metal layers and becomes fibrous and the degree of metal fatigue due to folding is reduced."Suzugami" born by "Tap with gold" technology, the enjoyment that the person who uses it is shaping is the enjoyment of "Suzugami".